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What do we do?

Waterra provides solutions to farmers, based on scientific methods and data for their micro-climate, water, soil and weather needs, in order to use the right pesticide, fertilizer and water, at the right quantity, at the right time.  Optimize your yield and your revenue.

How does it work?

At Waterra, we know that each field is different, each cultivation is different. We take into account open data, satellite sources and data from your field. Based on all these, we provide you with the right information, at the right time, on your device, in order to increase your Return on your Agricultural Investment.

Waterra scientific personnel and technology offer you

  • Cost saving from reduced use of fertilizers, pesticides and water
  • Improvement in quality and quanity of your yield
  • Effectiveness against the threats of your cultivation
  • Less environmental impact
  • EU compliance


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